Learn-to-Felt Kits

Do you want to learn to felt?

I've designed a line of Learn-to-Felt kits to share my love of felting with everyone.  If you can't attend my in-person workshops, these are a great place to start.  They make great gifts too!

My fun and fabulous felting kits include everything you need.  So carve a little time to yourself or with a friend and relax while enjoying the magic of turning wool fibres into cute little creatures.

It really is so soothing (and a little addictive!)

All kits are designed for beginners who haven't felted before - with easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions.

Some projects, like the Little Owl Brothers, are easier just because they are smaller projects with less pieces to attach than a larger project like the Sea Otter or Kitty Cat.  An owl may take you 20-30 minutes, while an otter may take you 1-2 hours. The photo above has them in order, left to right, easiest to hardest.

I pack each kit with my hand-dyed wool so expect glorious variations in colour.

Happy felting!